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    Postat av duidui48 på 2010-09-08 at 14:12


    Conclusions & findings of fact from U.S. government researchers’ Empirical 1 Studies:

    1, short or long-term use of cannabis does not have any adverse effect on mental or physical health;

    2, cannabis is non-addictive, smoked, eaten, or taken as a beverage; cannabis does not induce physical or psychological dependence;

    3, “psychosis” is not related to cannabis; pre-existing schizophrenia can occur in a cannabis using population;

    4, no “amotivational syndrome”; “heavy use of ganja does not curtail the motivation to work” [original emphasis]. The contrary is concluded: cannabis has tonic effect, which is conducive to productive work and mental concentration;

    5, investigating any possiblility of “linkage” as exists between alcohol, bad behaviour and/or crime: “No evidence of such causality appeared in the findings.” In this context, the evidence is presented that cannabis has a positive influence producing beneficial results: i.e…

    6, cannabis reduces and can preclude the use of drugs, thus mitigating their associated negative effects.

    1 Note, Empirical: i.e. definitive clinical studies, human test subjects’ ‘hands-on’, actual use.
    N.B. Such findings are replicated in the other official Empirical Studies. See below.


    The U.S. Judicial Review and other Official Studies show: 2

    a, cannabis has unique health-promoting, and actually life-saving but prohibited applications in Health, Preventive and Curative;

    b, cannabis has the unique enormous life-saving propensity of replacing or reducing use of addictive pathogens: alcohol, tobacco, opiates and other toxic drugs; i.e. use of cannabis comprises Preventive Measure/Preventive Medicine.
    Nota Bene. Cannabis use thus is health-enhancing whether used by the sick or hale: all such use is medical. The arbitrary fictitious ‘distinction’ between ‘medical’ and ‘recreational’ use is a fallacious and profoundly damaging deception.

    c, cannabis smoking is the only reliable countermeasure to glaucoma known to Man, consistently reducing intra-ocular pressure, dispelling glaucoma symptoms and saving eyesight;

    d, restoring appetite to anorexic, ill, crucially wasting patients is another of many ways in which cannabis smoking saves lives;

    e, the cannabis well-being effect uplifts the spirit, and is of greatest assistance in general health, and in medicine and convalescence.

    f, cannabis alleviates and prevents stress-related, psychosomatically-induced adverse conditions;

    g, cannabis is a health-promoting phenomenon Preventive of, and therapeutic in numerous slight or serious adverse conditions: e.g. menstruation pain and tension, headaches and migraine, asthma, fits, spasm from trauma or epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, back pain, pain from various disorders, pruritis, dermatitis, eczema, rheumatism, arthritis, etc. (the list continues and is extremely long 3). The herb ingested as smoke or as part of a normal healthy diet is prophylaxis, i.e. Preventive Medicine, preventing degeneration of the health of the hale.

    Denial of cannabis by Prohibition ‘law’ premeditatedly inflicts suffering, blindness, and, in many instances, death. Those who maintain any use of life-saving cannabis to be “illegal” should be regarded and treated as perpetrators of the gravest of crimes, and deemed unfit to hold any public office in a democratic society.

    2 See Parts Three, Four & Five of THE REPORT for attribution and details.
    3 Cannabis is directly curative treatment for over 100 illnesses and adverse conditions. Additionally, cannabis is recommended and essential secondary ingredient with most other medication, due to the uplifting cannabis-effect of well-being. Notably, cannabis alleviates the grave ill-effects such as extreme emesis (nausea), headache, etc., which are induced by the toxic pharmaceutical drugs. Numerous Medical Case Histories demonstrate that only in conjunction with the smoking of cannabis are patients able to take these laboratory chemical pharmaceuticals. See THE REPORT, Parts One, Three, Four & Five.

    Reproduced and collated from the Data and Conclusions of the official Empirical Studies into long and short-term use and smoking of cannabis, the following are

    Cannabis: The Facts, Human Rights and the Law.


    1, is not toxic in any possible quantity; i.e. is incapable itself of inducing fatality in a human;

    2, is not addictive, physically or psychologically; i.e. does not induce physical or psychological dependence;

    3, is not pathogenic, does not cause physical or mental deterioration, has no adverse effect on mental or physical health;

    4, does not cause skill impairments (including driving tests);

    5, is benign;

    6, has no potential for abuse, or maltreatment of the user; cannabis has no potential for harm or danger;

    7, does not cause crime;

    8, does not lead to the use of drugs (i.e. toxic, addictive substances);
    mitigates, reduces, and can preclude the use of drugs;

    9, cannabis as Preventive Measure/Preventive Medicine is health-enhancing: all use of benign cannabis is medical, whether by the sick or hale: the fallacious

    10, arbitrary fictitious ‘distinction’ between ‘medical’ and ‘recreational’ use is exceedingly damaging.

    Where cannabis is concerned, the legislation of its Prohibition:

    1, is, in its entirety, without factual foundation;

    2, is based on mendacity;

    3, is itself illegal on numerous grounds by Common, Substantive and International Law;

    4, is perjurious in prosecution; perjury by the state is both implicit and overt in every cannabis trial.

    5, The acts of its enforcement are crime per se; people persecuted thereby qualify for Amnesty and Restitution (as for other Wrongful Penalisation);

    6, the ignoring of these aforegoing Findings of Fact by courts and legislature is ex parte, the crude and criminal denial of Justice.

    7, In its replacement of the use of drugs alcohol, tobacco, etc., by young people and adults, cannabis promotes health. All private cultivation, trade, possession and uses are vindicated.

    8, In regard to cannabis, legislation of substance control is damaging both to individual and to society; all special regulatory control of cannabis produces negative, damaging and/or lethal results, and is per se unlawful.

    9, Cannabis related prosecutions are legally malicious, i.e. premeditated crime against the person.

    10, Cannabis Relegalisation is legally mandatory, that is: legislative amendment for the return to the normal status of cannabis which obtained before the introduction of any controls.

    THE REPORT collates the following Findings of Fact concluded by official Empirical Studies:

    Cannabis “stimulates mental powers,” “creates energy,” “alleviates fatigue,” is “refreshing and stimulating,” “creates the capacity for hard work and the ability to concentrate,” “sharpens the wits,” and “sharpens the memory.”

    Although the official Empirical Studies investigate and categorically refute all allegations of ‘harm’ and ‘impairment’, nevertheless, those representing the financial interests of government, of pharmaceutical corporations, and of others, mendaciously circulate the derogatory fictions which do not come from and are dismissed by the definitive empirical studies.

    Faced with this shocking discrepancy between exonerative facts and malindoctrination, people find themselves perplexed and ask “if cannabis is clinically proven to be harmless, why does the government say the contrary and punish innocent people ?” THE REPORT reveals that the disinformation results from a massive but concealed motive.

    Readers of THE REPORT ISBN 9781902848204, will be aware that the Official Findings of Fact exempt cannabis from all legislation and regulatory controls based on criteria of harm. The Empirical Studies’ Findings of Fact, published by world-respected U.S. academic and research institutions, are concealed and to all intents buried by those who gain financially from spurious Prohibitions: the motive for this criminal behaviour by individuals of the state, politicians, and representatives of pharmaceutical and energy corporations’ monetary interests, is ulterior (concealed; illegal). The Exonerative Facts are subreptitiously replaced by much-publicised derogatory fictions

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  • sc00ter

    2010-09-12 at 22:44

    kan du länka till källan tack? :)

  • syndig

    2010-09-17 at 15:18

    Detta är en rätt intressant text men som med mycket annat finns ingen källa.
    Det baseras på en rapport som blivit hemligstämplad och undangömd.
    Sett samma text på några olika ställen

    Ungefär som Area 51 och dess levande utomjordingar som ska ha hållits fångna där. Och deras rymdskepp(en del talar om fler än ett) som finns i hangarerna.

    Tyvärr har det inte någonstans som jag sett texten funnits någon källa till påståendena i texten.