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    Posted by reaper on 2007-01-10 at 16:55

    Evening all just wanted to say hello.
    I can only really post in here as im sorry but i dont understand other areas :D
    Im interested in AF cannabis plants and have seen some nice crosses here so though it would be nice to register :)

    my current grow is LR2 which im doing for seeds and there about 36 days old :)

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  • reaper

    2007-01-10 at 17:33

    Welcome kenzler.
    Nice to see people from abroad intrested in what we swedes do with our closets :D
    So where are U from?
    If U have any pics on your LR2 you’re free to post them in “Bildbanken” in the forum, I think everybody would appreciate some foreign photos.

    Once again, welcome to Swecan.

  • reaper

    2007-01-10 at 17:48

    thanks for the welcome m8y :)
    i see most new starins you find on the net come from the area of the world so you lads must be doing something right 😉

    will get some pics up for you all it’s my pleasure :)

    o nearly forgot im from the UK :)

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