• inform everyone!

    Postat av nahshon på 2012-05-18 at 09:13

    download this movie the union with swedish subtitles… burn to a couple dvd’s ( as many as you want)… print out a small note in swedish which says ¨watch,copy,share¨…drop into random mailboxes all around.


    If enough do this, we will see some increase in forward motion with regulation of cannabis. The truth is there we just need to get it to the people before liars like Lennart Karlsson do. Thank you! :) Also Keep finger prints off DVD’s.

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  • letsgo

    2012-06-19 at 23:04

    How is the documentary you are doing going?

    Feels like its time for it, I did see some debate at SVT when they had the viewers vote if cannabis should be legalised and: 79% said -Yes, cannabis should be legal in Sweden, even the host of the program had to doublecheck the % they probaly could not believe it just like me, swedes aint stupid I know but 79% that makes united states look like the most restrictive country with their 51% who want it legalised..
    Soon we swedes have to travel to USA to talk about the liberal swedish people and society compared to USA hehe, Yes shure we still throw people in jail if they are addicts but swedes still have a big hart for all people just the politicians who did a big scam and told people the way to care about people is to throw them in jail, its for their own good.. Otherwise they would never have succeded in makin some human addicts in Sweden against the law.. Should not evenrone from children to elderly to animals really have rights to ther normal natural way of life, it would be such a step towards justice for all..

    yes shure we are potsmokers and we are low down in the “society-food-chain” just like children, students and defenetily animals who have no rights at all to control their own life or even choose what food they want, yes I did see some program about factoryfarms where they feed cows corn on big scale and the cows cant eat the corn at first so they have to gradualy give it to cows until they can digest it, thats just sick and they should have right to eat their normal food and see some green fields bbefore people eat them, that would be to show a little respect to them for eating them afterwards , I say maybe we all have to stand up for the ones with the least rights to their normal life and say they should, and maybe we would get our free life if we did not accept animals to be treated how ever the producers of the foods want, they want it cheap and not so much feeling for the animals normal life …

    trees also I guess should have some rights to not be used for papermaking haha that should be hemps job in a free world..

    Sometimes I wonder if the hemparea is better to talk about then the drugside of it, hemp would defenetily have a more positive inpact on the planet then legalising cannabis would sine trees could be saved and cutting of trees could even get banned så the trees left are saved for future generations..