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    A revolutionary process called “Sonic Bloom”, invented by Dan Carlson, uses a 3 KHz tone (modulated to produce birdlike chirps and whistles) and a foliar spray (55 trace minerals, seaweed, gibberellin and amino acids) to produce “indeterminate growth in plants”. His first success was with a Purple Passion houseplant that normally grows only about 18 inches. Under the influence of Sonic Bloom, the plant eventually grew over 1,200 feet, and earned itself a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. (29)

    Growers using Sonic Bloom report dramatic increases in yield, better tasting vegetables and fruits, and more brilliant flowers. Cultivators can expect increased production and early maturity. Alfalfa sprouts will increase in weight by 1,200% within 3 days. The sprouts will have a much longer shelf life (2-3 weeks) than usual (3-4 days). Experiments with Sonic Bloom in Africa produced plants which survived extremely hot weather and flooding. Sonic Bloom also will produce fruit on first year trees. Apple farmers have reported triple-sized yields, 8-month shelf life, and a huge increase in nutrient values: 126% more potassium, 326% more chromium, 400% more iron, and 1,750% more zinc. Losses to diseases and pests have been reduced more than 80%

    låter nästan för bra för att vara sant.

    mer att läsa finns på http://www.rexresearch.com/hhusb/hh5elc~1.htm#HH58

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