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    Posted by reaper on 2002-08-30 at 08:07

    Medical cannabis activists, Renee Boje and Steve Kubby, were
    interviewed on
    National Public Radio and The World.org. Here is a description of the
    interview and instructions on how to tune in.

    Canada has a history of accepting fugitives from the United States.
    British loyalists fled north after the Revolutionary War. Slaves traveled
    there along the Underground Railroad.
    Vietnam draft dodgers found refuge north of the border.
    Now, another group is seeking asylum in Canada, pot
    smokers. The US Supreme Court has ruled that federal law prohibits the use of marijuana.
    That means even people in California, which permits the medicinal use
    of marijuana, could face arrest if they grow the plant. Jason Margolis
    spoke with some Californian expats in Vancouver.

    To tune in just click on the url below:

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  • gin

    2002-08-30 at 10:19

    Heja Canada…

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