• New Actionplan on Drugs in Norway

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    In September 2002, a new drugs plan was adopted in Norway: the Action Plan to Combat Psychoactive Substance Use Problems 2003-2005.

    Adopted by the government, the new plan will enter into force in January 2003. It is divided into the following domains: prevention and health promotion, rehabilitation and care. The new plan aims to: increase law enforcement effectiveness; and improve community-based prevention programmes, early intervention programmes, assistance to drug addicts and coordination and cooperation.

    It envisages a performance measure system in order to track down and evaluate concrete and measurable results. Its main goal is a substantiated reduction in the social and health-related problems resulting from psychoactive substance abuse. The three main focuses are: a) to prevent all types of substance abuse, especially among children and young people, targeting legal and illegal substances; b) better availability of effective counselling, help and treatment, including rehabilitation and care; c) a substantial reduction in health problems and deaths related to psychoactive substance abuse, including low-threshold health services, needle exchange programmes and injection rooms.

    With this new plan, Norway joins a trendvisible in the majority of EU countries in developing strategic approaches in national drug policies.

    Danilo Ballotta
    -EMCDDA Newsletter no38 November-December 2002

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