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    Hey everyone, I just moved to Gothenburg from San Francisco and I’m looking for some like minded friends in the area.

    I know Sweden isn’t exactly the friendliest place when it comes to 420, so I figured I’d try the internet before I went around town randomly asking people where you can get lights and growing supplies, etc.

    It’s very strange coming from a place when weed is openly smoked, and more people smoke marijuana then tobacco, to a place like Sweden. My girlfriends Mom thought marijuana was just as bad a heroin and cocaine!

    Being new in Sweden, anyone have any suggestions on what to do and what not to do around here?


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    The basic: In the eyes of the police your the worst kind of person there is. Cannabis is the worst drug in the world and they have nothing better to do watching you.

    Now that you understand that, you will understand why finding a buddy for 4:20 isnt that easy. Smokeing openly is a big no no.

    Your girlfriends Mom reflect the general opinoin of weed :/

    Growing equpiment is found online. There a few places that sells them, but there has been people that got folowed by the police. I dont think its normal, but i can and will happen again :/

    Just a friendly warning form a fellow grower. Its not really this bad, but sometimes it feels like it :/

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    Let’s not exaggerate, it’s not that bad, yes some people haven’t seen trough the scare propaganda but things are changing and among younger people it’s common and pretty much accepted.

    And of course you don’t go round smoking in the street but discreetly in a park is no problem. Depends on your look I guess. I’m a pretty straight looking guy and have had no problems with police but hipop guys, rastas etc I guess are more in the police spotlight.

    Welcome to Sweden and Gothenburg!

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    I would recomend you to buy your growing eq on or from an european growshop. Don´t buy everything at the same place at the sam time though. I don´t know if there is an grow shop in göteborg?

  • #588538 has a shop in Gothenburg but I recommend buying online, is my favourite but there are many both Swedish and European online shops.

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    Why is it that Sweden’s neighbors are so open about marijuana, while Sweden is not?

    Denmark, Holland, Spain, etc, are all very open. Yet it sounds like here in Sweden it’s still like the “reefer madness” era in the states.

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    Well i guess there are several reasons for it and the situation in for instance Finland and Norway are similar. Denmark have always been more liberal and accepting of different ways of life then the other Scandinavian countries but it’s just as illegal as here and public smoking is really just accepted in Christiania.

    Also widespread use of cannabis doesn’t have a very long history in Sweden. Although there might been some earlier use it was in the 1970s that the use got common, but in Holland for instance I think it’s been common since the 1500s. And Spain is not really a neighbor and a really different country.

    I think many in the older generation doesn’t see cannabis as a natural part of swedish culture such as the extensive alcohol use and will never really accept it.

    Also Swedish government have continued to believe that the spread of cannabis use can be stopped by horror propaganda. And they have left the anti drug politics to people with a kind of religious crusade against them, where all means are allowed, even blatant lies. Swedes also have a big trust in the government and when they say something is bad people a more willing to believe them then in most countries.

    But things are changing and just in the last ten years there’s been big changes in peoples views of cannabis and more and more sensible articles and debates are appearing.

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    Yeah, the whole climat of the public opinion and facts are comeing through media. Just a while back there where no suporters that wasnt open about it. Its way better today, Swedish “only and mandatory” network (SVT) even aired a person who said “It lies alot in media”!

    There are alot of smokers as well :) I hope its a matter of time before every one who wants to can get high, without being paranoid!

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    Are there NORML chapters or like groups here in Sweden at all? I was involved in some ASA and NORML activities back home in Oakland in SF. :)

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    @SFtoGBG wrote:

    Are there NORML chapters or like groups here in Sweden at all? I was involved in some ASA and NORML activities back home in Oakland in SF. :)

    I don’t believe there is, sadly enough. There used to be something called “Svenska NORMAL” (Swedish NORMAL), but I have no experience with that and they’re not active anymore.

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    Hello there,

    I’m from Columbus, OH and moved here to Gothenburg with my girlfriend whom I met in the States (moved in late November). Also having a little bit of trouble adapting to the vastly different attitudes here. Seems so hypocritical when Swedes are known to binge drink and make a fool of themselves while doing so, yet marijuana is taboo and you are likely to be ridiculed if you even mention it.

    So anyway, my girlfriend and I are interested in finding like-minded individuals here in Gothenburg as well. I’m 27 and she’s 24. Not to mention, I would like just to hang out with another American! So get in touch if you’d like.

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