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    Posted by reaper on 2003-03-15 at 18:15

    Do you live in Sweden & wish to voice or share views, thoughts &/or knowledge regarding cannabis and hemp in motion picture? I’m producing an independent documentary & hope to find genuine interview partners throughout this intolerant kingdom.
    Following the pro & contra format with many subjective and observational installments, this project will bring much needed light ïnto the myths, misconceptions & so called facts concerning the harmful and dangerous effects caused by and associated with the cultivation & consumption of cannabis. If you are comfortable expressing an intelligent opinion regarding this topic and if you are willing to educate, influence and perhaps, provoke this society & the laws it adheres to, then contact me under: [email protected] Thanx.

    Your anonymity is my priority


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  • reaper

    2003-03-15 at 21:54

    Hi Donelson!

    This sounds interesting, could you tell us a little more about your project? Who are you and what’s your background? Will the documentary consist of just interviews, or will there be other material as well?
    Where will the interviews take place?

    BTW, I think most of us here live in Sweden.. ;)

    Best regards,

  • reaper

    2003-03-27 at 19:36

    Sooooo… Donelson, you want us to take an interest in your project, while you do not even have the courtesy to come back here even once to answer any questions? I think I’ll pass. Good luck.

  • reaper

    2003-03-30 at 14:11

    Yes, Unus, it has been a while. Besides having become quite busy with this project, I have also experienced a few technical problems which had negative effects on the performance of my pc; Nevertheless, my deepest apologies go to all those who’ve expected a prompt reply on the Sensi Cowboy’s behalf -whom I’d like to remind that I’m planning to produce a motion picture film -not a comic strip. With out a team or crew so far, you may want pack them saddle bags real full, Little Joe, ’cause this is going to be a long trip.

    As your presence clearly represents the majority of views in this forum, it lies within my immediate interest to respond appropriately.

    I want to make a good film. I’ll then have a reputation -a name. I’ll get large amounts of cash to write, produce and/or direct other films. Yeah, that’s what I want. I believe in me. I also firmly believe that what makes a good documentary is it’s content and not necessarily it’s topic. I have noticed how people (including my wife) usually choose to watch a docu based on it’s topic. Afterwards, they’ll then judge the film on it’s content, comprehensiveness and form. Say I were to (for whatever reason) see a docu on toothless, bearded and overweight, russian prostitutes. Not my thing, but if the film had enough of the proper elements the topic becomes irrelevant and I’d probably walk away an informed and entertained man.

    Oh sure. Of course I’d love to have outrageous -never-before-seen material to cause jaw-dropping reactions amongst the viewers. A compelling soundtrack guaranteed to stir emotions would also be great.

    Perhaps a dynamic architect and father of four. Yes. You know him. He’s the gentlemen that washes his new Volvo every Sunday and lives in an area where all the houses look alike. His kids play soccer and his wife looks great in a bikini. Wearing a pair expensive, Oakley sun glasses, the tall, handsome Swede tours us through his secluded, indoor-grow temple while smoking a small, stick joint. Lamps brighter than the sun, cast a luminous sphere upon gigantic buds and ventilators blow through his blonde hair as he speaks about smoking weed daily since the mid 70’s. At the end of his segment, he tells of having accepted a new position in Maastricht before the premiere of this film project.

    What about a hiv positive, 30 year old homosexual who’s in the final stages of the disease. His name is Björn. At 34kgs, he was “written off” by doctors and had chose to spend his remaining time in the care of his mother. But that was nearly five years ago and he’s now at 61kgs. Mama, as he still calls her, does’nt smoke herself. She lovingly grows and harvests all year around. She shows us her special selection of strictly biological, “house” plants. Towards the end of their segment, a tearful “Mama” proudly shares how happy she is to hear Björn’s shit splash since developing an appetite. Mama is not up-to-date on high end growing or laws concerning narcotic substances. She has more important things to worry about.

    Well, that would be great stuff for my film, but the point i’m trying to make is that i can only work with what i have, and at the moment, I ain’t got a lot. What I do have is ambition, talent, craftsmanship and over 800 minutes of fresh, Digital Betacam tape stock.

    I do not want to say, “Hey everybody, grass is the answer. If you don’t smoke, then start” I want to show audiences that there is a pot growing and consuming culture right here in Sweden and they’re not criminals, junkies or outcasts. They have jobs, homes and children -some even drive Volvos. They’re real people just like everyone else. I want audiences to see that all pot smokers are not unemployed and that hemp does’nt automatically lead to heroin. I would also like to hear how hemp as a leisurely substance, could realistically be introduced after so many intolerant years. My goal is to provide cinematic objectivity. I believe that once society develops it’s opinions -as opposed to reflecting those of the government, the policies will eventually follow. Okay, so I’m not an activist -but I will make this film.

    Once again, I am thankful for any help and support. Feel free to contact me here under: Donelson

    or via e-mail (where I can provide more courtesy): [email protected]

  • reaper

    2003-04-06 at 00:42

    wher are u from?

    The persons u discribe for your docu, good luck finding them, and if u find them, good luck getting them in the docu. Just one thing, if u want to give a realistic picture of the basic sweed weed smoker, u should focus on just them, not the hiv+ homo ore officeclerk driving a volvo. Becouse they are not realy interesting in the swedish debate, the basic weedsmoker in his/her 20, 30´s is the interesting target just becouse thats the groupe who dont want the stamp “junkie”, kriminal.

    You could also compare the swedish alcoholculture and its efects on society with cannabis.

    The bigest problem in sweden is that people think that cannabis is the same thing as hard drugs.

    good luck with the docu, great ide.



  • reaper

    2003-04-14 at 08:04

    Dear members and guests of SWECAN, because this campaign is’nt “taking off” as I (naively) hoped it would, I have decided to not give it up, but to re-launch the project at a later time. Meanwhile, I will concertate my efforts on other topics.
    In closing, I would like for everyone that occasionally enjoys “sparking-up-a-green-one” to imagine what it would be like to actually stand up or speak out for something you belive in -knowing that change results from action. I’m convinced that most of you consider smoking as part of your adult lifestyles and not merly some rebelious phase in which most of the “kick” lies in doing something ileagal. We’ll never change anything by just looking over our shoulders. Think about that.