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    Posted by reaper on 2002-09-11 at 22:48

    Hello everybody! This is the first time I post here and it’s the first time I am in Sweden, never been any way closer to Sweden the way I am now :D

    I have one problem though I don’t speak your language. BUT I smoke a lot, so I think I am qualified to be here.

    Aside from smoking I am the mum of three gorgeous and very clever boys who are doing brilliantly at school and in sports. I work daily and study to improve my career prospectives. Also I am a member of the LCA (Legalise Cannabis Alliance) party in the UK and the Founder of the SGF Cup in Amsterdam, an annual award to praise the best coffeeshop in Town.

    I would like to know whether in Sweden there is a party for the legalisation of cannabis, and if not, what about constituting one? Who’s got ideas?

    And is it true that you cannot buy Eye Clear in Sweden?

    Let’s make friends,


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  • mooch

    2002-09-11 at 23:46

    Hi Echo!
    The greatest problem related to Cannabis here in Sweden, from a political perspective, is that the only parties working for legalization are somewhat extreme in one way or another. The rest of the parties are extremely anti-cannabis. What we need is a party with a common and realistic political sense in the other questions.
    An alternative could be a Cannabis-only related party. Even if it won’t become a big party it could be our voice.

  • reaper

    2002-09-12 at 00:14

    No, we do not have a party that supports the legalisation of cannabis.
    And with the election coming up on Sunday (15th) I must say that it is very sad…
    The problem with constituting a party is to find someone who can represent the party… I don´t think there is so many people that would jeopardize their social life and their career to be stamped a drug addict.
    Since a majority of people in sweden don´t know the difference between cannabis and other “hard” drugs this is a scenario likely to take place… 😥

    well there´s a lot of people here on Swecan who are more informed than me on this subject….

    PS.No, I don´t think you can buy Clear Eyes here. we´ll just have to stick to our version:Nasal Spray containing Oxymetazoline & Hydrochloride,I haven´t tried it but they say that it works fine… 🙄

  • fr

    2002-09-12 at 10:15

    There is a party called “Fria listan” (Free list) that want to legalize personal use, if Im not misstaking?

  • reaper

    2002-09-12 at 12:41

    Fria Listan want to decriminalize cannabis for personal use but they are not for a total legalization as in Holland

  • reaper

    2002-09-12 at 13:59

    Hello Echo!

    I think the problem is that people in general in Sweden associate cannabis with alla other illegal drugs as heroin and cocaine. It’s that simple..

  • reaper

    2002-09-12 at 21:28

    What a nice surprise! Thank you for the replies, I think I am enjoing this trip to Sweden already because it’s challenging. In the UK (where I live now) we are far from having cannabis fully legalised, but Dutch Style coffeeshops are opening and I had a chance to visit a few. We don’t have the same availability our Dutch friends enjoy, but it’s a good start already. There is indipendent medical research on marijuana going on and we have a pro cannabis political party. The road to legalisation is still long but I can’t complain too much.

    I sympathise with you all who seem to have yet more problems.

    Spikes harvey rotten, I think you are right, one of the things we need to do in our Countries is to make the difference clear between dangerous drugs not compatible with a functioning and responsable citizen and not dangerous drugs. Also we should have clear the fact that illegal does not necessarily mean dangerous and many readily available drugs, not illegal at all, are extremely dangerous. We know that. Do they? It’s important to make the distinction clear for everybody. It’s also important to associate positive images with the herb.
    I give you an exercise Spikes, think about the things you do every day (I really hope I haven’t picked the wrong guy here :P ) and think about the GOOD things you do. Work on them. Being smokers means also having reponsibilities. Behave stupidly and you are scoring a suicide kick to your team.

    Padan and Goblim, I have heard, well somebody has told me that Fria Listan wants to make everybody happy and embraces all kinds of weird campaigns. Do you think it’s healthy to the cause to leave them the only ones to represent you?

    Titan-Agent-Orange, it is so unfair that you are forbidden to express your opinions in such a morbid way, and I do understand your concerns. Should labelling not be a problem what do you think could be done to change the situation for the better? (on a lighter tone do you think anybody would be interested in getting Clear Eyes from the UK? 😈 )

    Mooch, I belive that education is what is needed, I also understand that most of you are too scared and considerated to ruin your careers for speaking out loud. I also belive that the only way to get to the people is to talk to the people. I belive in the power of pubblicity and in “doing things together”. We have something in common. We all love weed, we all want the same thing.

    I would like today to sign a new start. A pact between us. Me from the UK and you, the people of Sweden. We can work together on this. I had an idea last night…. I wanted to reach every single household in Sweden and send them some informative material about cannabis. This could be done from here, so “they” won’t get to you. But I have the language problem. Also you are informed about the situation far more than I am. In short, I think we could try and work together to improve that unconfortable 4% for legalization (you have the lowest in Europe) to a more accettable level.

    What do you think?

    I love you guys,


  • reaper

    2002-09-12 at 23:35

    Hello Echo and welcome to SweCan

    Someone please tell me why English is such a good language for some good ol’ peptalk??
    With Sizzla blasting “Taking over” from my small computerspeakers and my feet up on a big
    cardboardbox that I use as my table I feel that nothing can go wrong. I also think smoking
    means having responsibilities, especially in times like this when people think smoking some weed
    means robbing old ladies in dark alleys and shooting some strange “hashoil” into your veins in
    McDonalds toilets.
    Anyway… Do you have any specific ideas what we could do to enlighten Sweden?

    The Riddler :?:

  • ashtray

    2002-09-12 at 23:35

    Hi Echo.

    Im glad to see someone from the UK have found their way to our site :D . I promise you if you think your country is far away from getting cannabis fully legalized were still in the iceage. 😥

    I got something for you to read:

    Beware the Swedish Narconazis
    Sweden: unleashing counter offensive
    The Swedish Drug Control System

  • mooch

    2002-09-13 at 10:19

    “We all love weed, we all want the same thing.”

    This is quite funny from a Swedish perspective. “The weed is the only thing that keeps you together.” Is a common saying when you talk about cannabis and cannabis-friends. What they mean is that these cannabis-friends are no real friends. This is of course a lie since it’s among the weedsmokers I have my best and most reliable friends. The level of understanding here at Swecan is much much higher (lol!) than in any other message board I have seen. I believe that cannabis reveals a lot of thruths to you. It helps you to see thing from a different angle.

  • reaper

    2002-09-13 at 20:52

    Hi The Riddler!
    I think you have to grab all the possible information and use it in an educational campaign. I can send you, or anyone who wants it the LCA Manifesto for instance (send me a private message and I’ll e-mail it to you) , and you can browse the web to know more. There are not quick fixes, but informing the public is a proven method. It takes time but it works. Some volunteers can translate the informations that you think the people in your Country should get, someone else can provide the format, a creative stoner can choose an effective slogan, then we can start sending them to Sweden. From here if you like, to minimise the risks. This is just an idea, you might have more.

    Ashtray, thank you for the informations. I am in shock, i did not realise there was such a misconception. Visiting the links you have given to me I have read:

    “Today, Sweden is entirely dominated by the RNS. The media regularly run the most incredible horror stories about narcotics, especially cannabis, which they have singled out as one of the most dangerous drugs. The authorities have a monopoly on information and there is no room for dissent.”

    You see, I take it personal now. If you think there is anything I can do from here to help you… could you give me a link to the white pages for instance, so I can send good propaganda?

    I have just enjoyed a little bit of Moroccan hash, I had this one after a spliff with a mix of Thai, Buds and tobacco. I am still writing here to chill after a long day of work, study, school runs for the kids and helping a friend in need. Could I do this if I was taking an impairing drug? You know this of course, we have to reach the ones who don’t, and cannot have an opinion based on true informations.

    You know what Mooch? I had the best smokes of my life with the true friends of mine. I mean with the people I loved the most even prior smoking. On this site it’s different, we happened to meet only because we have something in common: at different degrees we are all being discriminated for taking a herb that doesn’t happen to have the same market support as tea.

    You are too scared to do anything putting your name on it, and I would be terrified if I were you. Choose yourselves a name, lets send all from the outside. Letters? Panphlets, anything can be prompeted from here. I would like to be of help. I am an action person and I have decided I want to do something. I only need guidance and… you.

    I had a good smoke tonight with you 😉

    Thank you,


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