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  • Haarlem / Holland, the top 16 reasons to go to Haarlem

    Postat av thedogsbollox på 2007-12-27 at 18:06

    1)it has 16 coffeeshops, lower prices than Amsterdam
    2)Not crowded like A’dam but it looks like it!
    3)Nice old duthc museums (frans Hals)
    4)The palace of napoleon
    5)it’s near the ocean +/- 15 km.
    6)it has windmills
    7)NICE Red Light District in the CENTER of town- RDL ?!!!
    8)also a lot of bars and restaurants in and near the center
    9)good hotels and the hemp hotel ab of the coffeeshop w.w.Sativa
    10)Willie Wortels Coffee shops (spec. the INDICA) it’s from Nol
    11)View from the V&D store
    12)Excellent shopping district
    13)Free Museum at Grote Markt
    14)Big outdoor Market Saturdays and Mondays
    15)Hidden treasures in the accessible Hoffa’s(door access gardens)
    16)it’s known by many as “Hempcity”.

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