• can anyone donate time to make subtitles?

    Postat av nahshon på 2012-03-09 at 23:00

    Can anyone donate time to make subtitles for movies such as the union, the business behind getting high or run from the cure or any thing like that, I would love to give it out if I could get some help with subtitles.

    Thank you

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  • letsgo

    2012-03-12 at 04:00

    Please explain how you going to give them out?
    Aint them movies copyrighted?

    I can defenetily make subtitles since I know the languages but I dont know what software is needed and such..

  • nahshon

    2012-03-12 at 06:54

    mail boxes for starts. I am waiting for reply from brett harvey on the union, but we can at least put it online for free and also I am sure run from the cure is totally free to distribute.

    and depending on mac or pc just google search free (mac or windows)subtitle software.

    Here is one for windows for example, http://www.softpedia.com/get/Multimedia/Video/Other-VIDEO-Tools/Subtitles-Creator.shtml

    and for mac

    Here is the movie file

    and its a free license so no worries. you can find many more if you search run from the cure torrent.

    I am working on a cannabis documentary in Swedish of my own so I have to little time to do this but I am sure it would help the cause! I want to hit hard quick, and if you or anyone can do subtitles and we can drop them off in mailboxes it would be great, we can leave a note to watch and pass along, give to police and politicians, its not illegal to learn truth.

  • koi

    2012-03-18 at 09:42

    Why are you typing in english if you are a swede?

  • nahshon

    2012-03-18 at 09:45

    I live in Sweden now for three years but I grew up in California, and lets just say my english is more understandable than my swedish.

  • pekkmust

    2012-03-20 at 21:36

    Wait, do you want to make Swedish subtitles for the union movie?
    Is that really necessary? I mean, most of the Swedish knows enough English to understand the movie?

  • nahshon

    2012-03-21 at 06:06

    Thats true but there is still allot I meet who don’t speak english, even my wives dad does not speak english, I want to reach out to everyone I can.

  • letsgo

    2012-03-21 at 18:00

    Mailboxes? In the computer or the real mailboxes?

    Would be kind of crazy to distribute a movie to millions of swedish mailboxes, it would be a powerfull effect tho :D

  • nahshon

    2012-03-21 at 19:44

    snail mail mail boxes, like posten status. It would be a great way to distribute information, people would be like oh whoaw a dvd thats new I should check it out. would you just throw away a dvd you got in the mail without giving it any chance?