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  • pinkhaze

    2007-05-10 at 12:05

    Looks great, please tell me more about the strain.. I’ve never heard of it before… :D


  • thedogsbollox

    2007-05-11 at 16:19

    The Alegria won the 1e coffeeshop Dampkring and 3e Seeds Kiwiseeds Highlife cup 2007 and 3e breeders Kiwiseeds 420 cup 2007.
    It’s a skunk 1# pheno cross whit …. 😉 and back to skunk 1#.
    The coffeeshop Dampkring and Tweede Kamer cell it.(Amsterdam)and Willie Wortel Indica.(Haarlem)
    And Kiwiseeds cell the seeds the Amsterdam. 💡
    good luck, thedogsbollox

  • reaper

    2007-07-27 at 05:06

    I smoked Alegria in De Dampkring. The smell & taste were very unique! Its very stoney even up, both effects will knock out you as well. One of the best i ever smoked.

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