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    Hi peeps.. as you.. – We I Us – come in peace by the picture of me..

    We have a problem here honeys.. apperently this Dao Buddah.. uhm.. oh thats me again then.. are out of so called Endorfin Herbs.. could you please contact Dao Buddha so we know where to get them on Dao Buddhas email.

    Apperently this fucking Dao Buddha.. ok I then Det är jag då ba.

    Know extreamly cooooooool ways to harmonise with this strange unknown Endorfin Herb.. I gladly show you the true way erotical beings any day any time..

    Dont fear me dear.. your safecard with me is this secret Endorfin herb Im mentioning here.

    You all know where I am and you have my email.

    [email protected]

    Show me your heaven and Ill give you my hell peeps.

    You see people.. this fuckhead Dao Buddha apperently are able to junk spices as tea and even weaker flavors.. and reach alternated states of beings within myself.

    Understand this know – I trully are able to ALTERNATE my state of beings with the today defined weakest DRUG TEA for real. I am just telling you the truth as it is know people.. this IS NO JOKE.

    Im honestly a fucking Guru at alternating my very own state of being just as I stated on my Yoda profile where all the text is in Swedish ofcaurse.

    Yes you also find my email adress in my Yoda profile presentation text.

    I will only put my email here for now but you should know that if you are in the neighbourhood of stockholm – södermalm that is my true location of my entity at today times being please let me know and I garanterar.. We – will have a veeeery nice and comfortable time together..

    See I have a Inneboende at the moment so Im not able to grow this Mirakulösa Herb of Endorfin enhancement and sence enhancement.

    I havent created a Dao Buddha profile here and I still have no own web page so you cant really google me as Dao Buddha yet – the true callibrator ism in ancient time.. I am who I say I am.. just people havnt really ever never seen the truths in me during my entire existance.. there is alot of talk about Daoism/Taoism and buddhism and how they actually walk abit hand in hand but I am the new arival Dao Buddha and My very own unic ism is for real and is a unviversal ism that doesnt only cover this planet but entire versa in all directions – dimension in nothing and everything – but all that will come in time people and I truelly is at the brink of relising my own products now since I truelly are my own and are for real here no matter how hard this has been for all of you to belive.

    I path the force for real tender sweatnesses.. and Im extreamly worried about this planets situation atm.

    My book is basically finished know and it will take some time for me to get it done for real but there is no problem at ll actually.. Have a publisher and all and are just finalizing some stuff.. I have also checked ou some nice webpage alternatives and have alot of different concepts coming your way.

    You will for real start to see some drastical changes all over the world within not really as long time as you might think. However Im out of this herb at the moment.

    See when I use it for myself I actually use alot less then you do and have learned to use it.. I also know how to harmnise it in what I call Eroticay for an entire weaken or even longer where the Eroticay is the intresting part of state of being and this amazing herb is just another flavor.

    You see.. all my life everything I have done has been training and still are.. there really is no end and no begining.. but Im not here to sing Dao Buddhism this time.

    But if you check out my Yoda Profile I actually already there admit who I am.

    Yes dear – this is no joke – but trust me – this is the best thing that has ever hapened this universe – so please have some faith in me – and I will allways belive in you.

    by the way.. this profile is just another direction of me =)

    Yes sweathearts I know I look short and humble.. but belive me.. we are not here just for fun.. Im here caus Nature neeeeeds me here. thats why.. and I are here for the future only.. sounds harsh but thats the way it is people.

    I Love you all.

    May the force be with you.

    Lovingly regards
    Dao Buddha

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    Wtf man…are u high as hell or what :-D

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    Haha I love your post! It’s so chilled and transcendental that I can’t even describe it haha. Bless ya bro!

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