Luktar Cacao?

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    Jag har en planta som jag fått.
    Så jag har ingen aning om vad det e.
    Men den luktar Cacao smakar lite chocklad när jag röker den.
    Den har smala fina blad så det e väl åt sativa hållet.
    Feta toppar blir det.
    Nån som känner igen det här?


    Det jag kan komma på på rak arm är
    Chocolate thai=sativa
    chocolate chunk=indica


    Så det finns sånt som luktar Chocklad.
    Det va från köpe gräs.


    hur fasiken framställer man en planta me choklad smak? Vattnar man med marabou finsmul eller? 😯


    Tar och citerar lite från The Big Book of Buds Copyright © 2001 Quick American Archives.

    Chocolate Chunk

    ”As the name suggests, Chocolate Chunk is a chunky, solid indica that has a deep hashy flavor with a touch of bittersweet chocolate and a narcotic bite.”

    Adam from TH Seeds on the Hunt for a Chocolate Chunk:

    ”I was looking för a chocolate flavor. TH Seeds went out on a mission for that flavor, and it´s the hardest flavor to find. California was the obvious choice for undertaking the search because we had the most contacts there. The variety we eventually chose originated in Oregon. We wanted a chocolate flavor on the lighter side because indicas tend to have a very green flavor, no matter what you do, since the plant is such a high chlorophyll producer. If you take your typical indica, it´s a very wide leaf, a heavy green, a dark, dark, dark color. You take your typical equatorial sativa, it´s all light, so the flavors are much easier to bring out. We were looking for an indica that didn´t have a very heavy sweet smell with a very heavy, not-so-sweet taste, which is what you often get with the indicas.

    Chocolate Chunk is an Afghan cross-incidentally, the male is from the same family as the SAGE male, but not as extreme as the SAGE daddy. Since Chocolate Chunk was already hardy it wasn´t necessery to find another heavy hitter for the cross. We were looking for something that gave some resin. The male we selected actually produces resin on the male to the naked eye, you can actually see some on the male. That´s an achievement in and of itself because the males don´t usually get to that point.

    The growth pattern was also realy importent beacause most indicas can get very leafy to the point of no yield. You may have a room that´s absolutely chock-full, but when you actually harvest … that´s when it really pays to have something with a little more space between the buds, between the sites and the nodes. Sometimes people get this idea that all you need is a very close, tight plant to produce a lot of weight. In reality that´s why some of the hybrids tend to work better-the spacing allows for a better harvest.

    Since this one is a pure indica we wanted to retain the strong indica characteristics as much as possible. We didn´t want a real leggy plant, but we also didn´t want to end up with something too similar to the Northern Lights type of plants that are fairly commonplace now. We wanted something unique.”

    En del, kanske fyller på med mer sen. Men det var lite om chokladstrains. Hoppas det var till lite hjälp. 8) Peace

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