Laws, regulations, fines? JAIL?

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    Hi! First of all, I’d like to say ”Hello!” to all of you. I’m new to this forum and perhaps if we let the time pass, this will be the very place for me to finally learn this oh-so-hard language. 😯

    Okay I see you’re bored so lets cut the bs, straight to the point:

    I’m going to move to your beautiful country (yes, awesome bitches ..girls u got there) from Finland and I’d really like to get to know them bitches ..laws there.

    In Finland it’s ”not that bad” situation, though police will take you and charge for the ”terrible” crime you’ve committed ’cause the law says so (and old anties who are know-it-all and scared of us terrible lunatic psychopathetic smokers) that if you possess drug, or grow it – you’ll get some – (that is a minus, that other one was not) to your wallet.
    Selling is concidered to be more ”evil” deed, and that can get you to probation, or if we talk about kilos, even to jail. Chiching!

    But still it’s kind of smooth to grow in your own closet, if u keep low profile and handle the odour.

    So how is it in Sweden? Can I grow without some stupid motherfucker (oh can I swear here btw?) harassing me by knocking at my door at 6 in the morning and taking me to prison to be butt-raped by some guy called Hulio who was sentenced for a lifetime for shooting his father and mother and dealing heroin infront of kindergarden?

    How about public smoking? Do you do it? How many of you have suffered some huge sanctions?

    I’d appreciate if you’d shed some light on this issue, mayby we’ll meet somewhere in Sweden my friend. Keep it blazing.



    Hi mestari,
    What you describe sounds pretty much like Sweden legal wise, for minor amounts you get a fine, if you’re dealing or possessing larger amounts you might end up in jail.
    If you just grow and stash enough for personal/friend use, you won’t ruin your life by getting caught, and definately get not assraped in prison.
    Regarding ”public smoking”, I believe most people here smoke every now and then in parks and other public places, but not when there is ”ordinary people” about.

    Several people on the forum have got caught at some point, if you learn some of our horrible saatananplipploptötteröt language you’ll be able to read some stories here :)
    What part of Sweden are you moving to?


    Southern Sweden is the better parts to live in for future cannabiscrimes.
    Less jailtime, less fines.. etc.

    However, other parts of this country may be less risky, mcuh cuz of their lack of experience in growing offences, and relative isolation from big cities etc.

    Hm.. wonder if i havent met that Hulio guy.

Visar 3 inlägg - 1 till 3 (av 3 totalt)
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