kurering fuktighet?

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    Vet jag läst någon stans att det ska komma upp till en viss fuktighet ibburken innan man luftar den ca 2-3 tim.

    Någon som vet hur mkt fuktighet det ska komma upp till?


    !Någon får gärna rätta detta om det är fel!
    Saxat från Autoflower.net

    If more than +70% – buds need to dry longer out of the jar. For me, for about every 5% over 70, equals about 10-12 hours outside of jar – but that’s different depending on time of year, outside weather, etc… Typically about 12-36 hours more drying time is needed.

    65-70% – getting really close to that sweet spot for curing. Keep it in the jars but burp them for a couple of hours, roughly 2-4 hours (meaning – take the lid off). Burp ’em, then close the lid, wait 4-6 hours, check RH%, burp again if needed, repeat as needed until you reach the next level. The closer you get to the next level the longer it takes to get an accurate reading, maybe even 12-24 hours. Basically, after every burp I add about 4-6 hours to the wait time between burps until I check again. Getting it down to the next level might take a week or more, and that’s ok. The slower the better. Luckily here in Colorado we have low humidity. If in a higher humidity area, say along the coasts, I would want to speed it up just a bit to get to the next level as mold may become a factor

    60-65% – this is the Curing stage range. Once we hit this range, keep things sealed unless we want to prepare it for long-term storage, then we’ll need to SLOWLY lower down to the next stage. But if you just want to cure it, leave here in this range for a week and longer to cure. Buds should be slightly sticky. Stems should snap. The RH% may fluctuate a bit as moisture releases from the bud but it will dissipate/be reabsorbed. If this is for retail, I wait about 10-14 days into cure then bring samples to my dispensary buyers. Most dispensaries tend to like it closer to the 65% as it’ll cure while it’s on the shelf, plus it’ll be stickier, look more appealing & that’s what most people are looking for – bag appeal. Closer to 60% is better for smoking/vaping. If it’s for myself or my patients, I let it cure for at least 2 weeks to a month or more. I do take a bit out to try about once a week. Some of my patients like it a little moister than others as it takes a little longer to smoke. Others don’t really care too much one way or the other but no one likes it if too moist or too dry/brittle. Now I also have been implementing those Boveda 65% packets to help keep things where I like it. After about a week of 65% or lower, I slip one of those Boveda 65% packets into the jar, at this point if you want to take the hygrometer out you can. I still burp about once a week or so for about an hour when using those packets, basically just to air out the released chlorophyll gases. I recommend dispensaries use these packets at night in their jars to keep things looking nice & sticky-icky for the next day.


    där fick ja svar på allt! tackar!!!!

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