Jesus Was a Capenter.My this weekSunday sermon for Rootsmen.

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    And when i asked the Lord God in my sleep why he continues to allow the persecution and the denial of access to my achievements and its material recipient (which are hidden under bushells by men), and the Lord said; ”the second in the Trinity came to meet men in the same Earth that you are now and He was only a capenter”!
    So I rejoiced and still rejoicing in that revelation and i wont cease to give thanks and praises to the most high, the Lord God, again for his boosting of my charisma and confidence in mens suppresions and thank him again for boosting confidence in any chosen work of my hands before men of earth be it serving pigs and bathing them all day (swines).

    So Jesus had all the mystical and natural power, charisma and influences to open doors to make him become the king of Isreal, Palestine and Egypt (this were lands relevant around him as at that time), he could have become the Governor general of the Isreali bank, the Supreme General of the Palestinian forces or the Grand advisor to Pharaoh of Egypt, but he simply chose to live and grow and wisen up men via capentry a mere as seen by men. so will i emulate today oh lord God of Host and so i offer you all to emulate oh wise men of old and now.

    So my message to you all to cut short story long is; that power duels in the least, anything made least by men of earth, there dwells power! Believe it for most men know not of these, but if you can pick it up and rightfully harness them in cooperation with the power of the divinity and they will now become themost sought by men pick it up and identify with it and when they get tired and frustrated that they cannot hide your light anymore, then they are forced to raise you to their optimum pinnacle.

    Take your examples, which great men have not been scorned, dejected and abused and their credits turned to discredits simply because they pride not in the xtreme cpitalistic and greedy material pursuits and power by men of earth, the so called rulers and their elites of material earth.
    From Nelson Mandela who was stripped of his conscious activities for the good of the opressed to Robert Marley to Mr Fanwehinmi ( a Nigerian activist and fredom fighter for the opressed) to many many many more, how many of them have not have their freedom, wisdom and activisms falsified and denied?

    The greatest man on earth are therefore he that is so little before the rulers and elites but giant before the Spirits, God and men of God.

    I will take up capentry or similar works like that this moment and pride in em, it does not take away my wisdom or power or dinner with the virgin mother of Christu now and then is spirit. If Kind Jesus was a capenter, so may the hammer be my best friend from today! Amen and hallelujah!! So brethrens care less what you do for a living, care more about what you make to set great for examples to the people. Righteous men are not born to live and partake in the elites Luciferious dining and ining while carrying out evil upon their subjects, we men of earth.

    The lowest job therefore is the best and highest before God as long as you hurtin none and it blesses and feeds your family, so it was revealed by Christus inatt and those above mentioned names were coming up (this are people i never thought of the night or nights before) All are best known to God!

    Bless and thank you for audience. Enjoy your wkends and your unday with your family

    Grand Mystic.

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