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    här har vi ett test som påstår sig kunna ta reda på % halten cannabinoider i marijuana och hasch

    Information about the Kit
    The cannabinoid detection Kit™ is a (phytochemistry-) mini-laboratory, specially designed for home-use, that means its easy to use and no scientific background is required. A straight forward, hands-on inquiry-based accessible, 7-stap protocol will help you to fast and reliable results and for all… to new knowledge about the connection between the cannabinol composition and the effect of your favorite corresponding marijuana sample. The Kit brings you into the cannabinoid-world.

    The kit is a mini-laboratory that contains a simple, valid, quick and inexpensive analytical technique, the so called Thin-Layer Chromatography (TLC) technique. This technique, in combination with a new and unique developing and detection protocol, resulted in a fingerprint & THC test kit that selectively isolate and visualize only the cannabinoids out of the hundreds of other compounds present in a minimal amount of cannabis oil. (see fig.1)

    The Kit makes it possible to extract the cannabinoid oils with a solvent, and separate the individual cannabinoids on a thin layer of silica gel coated-glass plate. After coloration, the cannabinoids will be visualized in different techno-colored spots. THC for instance, the neuropharmacologic and main psychoactive principal in cannabis will be displayed as an isolated wine-red spot. The width of the spot and the intensity are measured for the concentration.

    The kit is special designed for home use, that means in the first place that no chemistry background is required for proper performance of the tests. Secondly, the kit is a small ‘’easy to handle’’ analytical tool that uses minimal amounts of reagents and marihuana samples. This makes monitoring of one plant during it’s flowering period, possible.

    The THC-test Kit will replace the need for very expensive and time consuming commercially available tests in commercial laboratories. Qualitative en quantitative control and knowledge of ‘’what you are using’’ is a necessity for anyone who’s using marijuana on the base of prescription by physician or using marihuana for recreational use, were high THC levels (+ a favorite and personal fingerprint) in the samples is required.

    The Kit is specially designed for home-use.
    It enables the user for the first time in history to do their own research on the qualitative and quantitative aspects of cannabis. No chemistry background is required!

    The Cannabinoid-detection kitâ„¢ or THC-detection and quantification Kit provides you an excellent and cheap way to investigate your own marijuana samples (varieties) and determine the cannabis chemo-fingerprint and the amount of the main (neuro-) pharmacologic & psychoactive principle THC (%-age THC) in your sample, routinely, fast and in full color!

    Due to the overwhelming and still increasing number of people around the world who’s using Cannabis, for recreational, medicinal or palliative purposes under uncontrolled conditions, it is of primary interest to everyone to have access to information about the quantitative & qualitative aspects of the cannabis used.

    The kit will provide this information by testing the concentration of the main psychoactive compound THC in the marihuana samples used, together with information of the more important working behavior of the combinatorial effects of CBD and CBN on THC and many other cannabinoids, as listed in table1.

    The kit utilizes a highly specific and sensitive assay for the direct qualitative and quantitative measurement of the cannabinoids THC, CBD, CBN, THV and over 15 other cannabinoids in a sample of marihuana or hashish.

    Main objective of the Kit: product information about the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the cannabinoids THC, THV, CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC and their corresponding acids, in all Cannabis varieties.

    The Kit provides everyone with an excellent way to gain insight into de cannabinoid chemistry and the complex working-manner of marihuana or hashish. In an easy and fast way.

    Recreational users, using Cannabis as drug for mind-expanding, relaxation or as activity enhancer, for joy, ‘’High’’ or for psychic comfort, etc.. as well as patients, using Cannabis as a prescription drug for clinical indications by physicians, can have now access to a proper analytical tool specially designed for home use, to control and check the quality of their Cannabis purchased from the suppliers or ‘’care takers’’.

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