20 Years Using Uncle Sam’s Medical Marijuana

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    Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 16:53:31 -0500
    From: Eric Sterling Subject: 20 Years Using Uncle Sam’s Medical Marijuana

    Dear Friend, Please forward to any assignment editor or journalist who
    you believe may be interested in this fascinating story.

    News Advisory Contact: Irvin Rosenfeld
    Nov. 18, 2002 954-722-1919, cell 954-536-9011

    20 Years Using Uncle Sam’s Medical Marijuana

    November 20, 2002 will mark the twentieth anniversary of my use of medical Cannabis provided by the federal government. This is the longest period of the seven living American medical patients who now receive medical marijuana from the federal government.

    I have had a very successful career as an award-winning stockbroker and a rewarding, high quality of life. That life would have been utterly impossible without my use of this medicine. I would have been unable to serve my clients and contribute to my community and the economy. Indeed, I would have been an enormous economic drain, consuming vast quantities of medical resources — if I were to have survived this many years.

    As the use of marijuana to treat disease remains a matter of intense nationwide controversy, I will hold a PRESS CONFERENCE at 10 a.m., Nov. 20 at the Coastal Towers, 2400 East Commercial Blvd., Suite 708, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. (Southeast corner of Commercial and Federal Highways).

    I suffer from multiple congenital cartilaginous exostosis, a variant of the syndrome pseudo pseudo hypoparathyroidism. These diseases cause bone tumors to grow on most of the long bones of my body and I can develop new ones at any time. This causes severe muscle spasms and muscle tears, hemorrhaging, inflammation of most joints, and tremendous pain. Conventional medicine does not work. To treat this rare condition, I have had to smoke 10-12 Cannabis cigarettes daily for thirty-one years (the last twenty years exclusively supplied by Uncle Sam). This experience gives me a unique perspective on a timely subject. I will also make predictions on the future of medical marijuana.

    I will able to answer almost any question: from how the government program began to where it is today; how my disease developed and the failure of conventional medicine to control it; my legal fight to obtain a legal source of Cannabis; my participation in the litigation to change the federal scheduling of Cannabis; to the fact that I get no euphoric effect from Cannabis I have never gotten high.

    A key point is that there are terrible obstacles for legitimate medical
    patients in the use of a medicine that scientific research has found has value. These obstacles apply to medical patients such as myself, whose treatment with marijuana is completely recognized by the Federal and Florida governments, and to patients whose treatments are not yet recognized by the Federal government. For example, my ability to travel interstate has been obstructed by the illegal prejudice against my legal medicine by interstate carriers such as Delta Airlines, which I am suing.

    As a stockbroker, I will also explain the economic considerations that have contributed to the unavailability of medical grade marijuana to the hundreds of thousands of very seriously ill persons who would benefit from it.

    Contact me at 954-722-1919 or cell 954-536-9011 or email at [email protected].

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    Forwarded by
    Eric E. Sterling [email protected]

    After 30 years of failed ”war on drugs,”
    isn’t it time to control drugs?
    Regulation is pro-control, prohibition isn’t.

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